Tigers, originally uploaded by jatherton.

I love this pair of bronze tigers. The nearly 3000 year-old grins are something else. I enjoyed exploring the Freer Gallery—we had gone to see Whistler's Peacock Room, which was amazing as expected, but they also had some spectacular ancient artefacts. The museum was relatively empty (it was a monday morning), which gave me time and space to get some photographs.

Room With a View

Room With a View, originally uploaded by jatherton.

This photo is taken looking into a little building in the vegetable garden at Jefferson's Monticello estate (the exterior of the building is visible in this photo). The window offers a beautiful view to the south east, over the Virginia countryside. When I was taking this photo I was thinking that it would be a great black and white shot. As it turns out I much prefer the result in colour. We didn't spend very long in Virginia, but I would love to go back and explore some more.